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Kids — Just Put a Fork In It.


Kids are always welcome...

Kids 10 and under can ordered the Regular Way, or order the Fancy Smancy Way and get a free kids appetizer. The regular way...."Pepperoni Pizza"

Fancy Smancy Way...."I'll have the Pizza a la Pepperoni".
Both ways are on the menu, so kids give it a try.

Our kids menu includes, Pasta with Meat Sauce, Pizza a la Pepperoni, Mini Burgers, Fish Dinner, Chicken Tenders, Grilled Cheese Sandwich, Little Forker Caesar Salad with Grilled Chicken

All kids meals come complete with choice of: The melted snowman, kids garden salad, or french fries, milk, juice, or pop.

Try Shea's Sundae with butterscotch or chocolate sauce, or add a Shirley Temple, or Swamp Water all the best pop in one glass... great for small folks that can't make up their minds.

Call for more information, or come join us and
"Just Put a Fork In It"

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